NO IELTS Stress: Our Step-by-Step Guide Shows You How to Secure Admission in Canada with Confidence!

NO IELTS: This guide is a step-by-step guide showing how to successfully secure admission in Canada without needing IELTS.

No IELTS: This guide is a step-by-step guide showing how to successfully secure admission in Canada without needing IELTS.

If you read to the end today and take action, you should join us here in Canada before next month.

Are you tired of feeling frustrated and defeated by the IELTS exam?

Have you been dreaming of studying in Canada but feel held back by this language proficiency test? We understand your struggles and we have the solution for you.

Introducing our step-by-step guide on how to successfully secure admission in Canada without needing IELTS.

This guide is specifically designed to help individuals just like you achieve their dream of studying in Canada, without the added stress and pressure of the IELTS exam.

Imagine being able to apply to your desired program without the added stress of studying for the IELTS exam, without the added cost of taking the exam, and without the added uncertainty of not knowing your score.

Imagine being able to confidently submit your application, knowing that you have the tools and resources to secure your spot in the program of your dreams.

Our guide is packed with insider knowledge and proven strategies that have helped countless individuals successfully secure admission in Canada without needing IELTS.

It includes tips on how to showcase your language proficiency in other ways, as well as information on alternative language proficiency tests and exemptions.

Don’t let the IELTS exam hold you back any longer. Invest in our guide and take the first step towards achieving your dream of studying in Canada.

Don’t waste any more time and money on the IELTS exam, when there are alternative ways to showcase your language proficiency and secure your spot in a Canadian program.

Don’t wait any longer to take control of your future and make your dream a reality.

Get started below and start your journey towards studying in Canada without the IELTS exam.




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The New way to Apply and Secure Admission in Canada using the DIY method without paying N200,000 to any agent and without having IELTS

With this you get to save yourself over N300,000 in expenses which you can then spend elsewhere!




Bonus #1: Top 10 cheapest universities/colleges in Canada.

Do you know that there are some cheap high-quality Universities and Colleges in Canada?

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I’ll show you 10 of these kinds of schools and how to apply to them in other to save yourself more cost.

You know my goal is to help you save costs.

This Bonus is worth N20,000.

Bonus #2: A detailed list of recommended courses/programs to study in Canada.

You see when you go to Canada there are some courses you should do and not do.

You might just look for the nearest exit to come back to Nigeria if you pick the wrong course.

It’s that serious, so that’s why I decided to add this bonus so you know exactly the kind of courses you should consider doing.

This bonus is worth N10,000.

Bonus #3 – Total cost of moving to Canada.

I wrote a short report detailing the cost you need in other to relocate to Canada.

This is what no one will tell you, but I’m going to tell you so you prepare yourself for what’s coming.

Because it’s very important you know about this when planning.

This bonus is easily worth N14,900.

Bonus #4 – 5 mistakes Study route applicants make that causes Visa rejection.

I wrote an Ebook detailing the 5 common mistakes 47% of study route applicants make that causes the Canadian embassy to reject them,.

In this Ebook, I’ll show you how to avoid these mistakes from the start and what to do if you have encountered any of them before.

This bonus is worth over N5,000 easily.

Bonus #5 – Premium SOP Template

This is the most important aspect when applying for an Admission to your dream school.

To tell you how important an Statement of purpose (SOP) is, it is more important than any certificate you currently have right now and it is also more important than anything else that is required so you need this.

SOP is a personal statement detailing your personality, aspiration, determination and enthusiasm towards your application.

If done right it will boost your chances of getting an admission in your dream school.

The only issue is people find this overwhelming when writing this statement.

Like where do you start writing from?

I understand this was what prompted me to Create a template that you can swipe for your own use.

All you need to do is add things unique to you, I have already written it for you, just change a few things that suits you and you are good to go.

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This Bonus alone is easily worth N35,000 it is one of the key things that will give you admission or stop you from getting it if not done properly.

Bonus #6 – Statement Of Purpose (SOP) Review

I already told you how important an SOP is and I will give you a Template.

But still I know some people might mess things up and just do things anyhow which will lead to a Guaranteed rejection which I don’t want for you because my goal is to see you get your admission.

So I decided I will review your SOP letter before you send them.

So once you are done writing your personal statement using the Template I already gave you.

Send it to me on Whatsapp, I Will review it and tell you what to change or what to add to your letter, this is to make sure you have the best Personal statement as possible that will increase your chances of getting an Admission in your dream school.

This Bonus is Worth N15,000 easily

Bonus #7: How to legally remain in Canada after your studies and become a Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) and   A Canadian Citizen.

I believe this is the goal right?

Do you want to become a Permanent residence then eventually become a Citizen in Canada?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward in Canada because in just one year in some cases you can become a permanent residence and expect to be a Citizen 2-3 years after becoming a permanent residence.

So it will take you roughly 3 to 5 years to become a Citizen in Canada and you will then have equal rights as those white folks.

This information is very important and if you miss one step forget about it, that is why I show you step by step how it’s done.

This Bonus is worth N30,000.

This ought to be a course on its own.

Bonus #8 – Whatsapp support

You’ll also get my help if, during your application, you get stuck or confused.

Just hit me up on WhatsApp, and you will get my help.

So you are getting these 5 Bonuses today alongside the main Course you are getting

This bonus is worth N50,000.

So, as you can see, I really want you to succeed with this; that’s why I’m giving you these bonuses.

The total cost of these 8 bonuses is N179,900.

But guess how much you will pay for these bonuses today as long as you are among the last 12 people to complete 350?

Zero, nothing.

You’ll get those 8 powerful bonuses for free when you get started today [date-today format=’F j, Y’]

Click Get Started below to secure your spot as one of the 12 people.

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